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    Updated my OS now pages are blank

    Folks... I updated CentOS from 4 to 6.5 now a few main pages like index.php come up blank in the browser. PHP issue?

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    PHP must be upgraded to 5.3 when you switched to CentOS 6. Enable error reports, check error logs and fix all of them. Make sure your code is compatible with PHP 5.3

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    Check the code with your developer and make it compatible with current version of PHP.

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    When you say upgraded, did you upgrade the whole OS or move between two servers with different OS Versions?

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    Also ive noticed that with C6 and PHP5.3 that shortcodes <? over <?php are disabled by default ( not sure when this happened )

    Anyway, Check your php.ini and test with shortcodes enabled.
    Itmay be osmething as simple as a poorly programmed script using <? rather than <?php

    What output do you get if you "manually" telnet to your webserver an issue a get?
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    Did you also update all of your packages via yum? Also, did you check that apache is running?

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