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    Domain name for online broadcasting.

    Hi guys,
    Just wondering what would be the best domain/name for my online broadcasting site?
    I appreciate all the votes, also if you have any idea's which platform like wordpress should I use please post them.
    All feedback is appreciated.

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    You are probably going to have to provide more information than that for a name suggestion.
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    What do you mean by an "online broadcasting site"? You'll probably need more than just Wordpress.

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    Best suitable name =

    Register it before anyone else take it. What this online broadcasting site do ? A radio station ?

    You can use wordpress or any other cms to make web site, all these need modification to make it work the way you want. Wordpress have lot of ready made templates available, if you can find one that work for you, go with that.

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    Try and try to keep it as short as possible for easy memorizing and easy to type

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