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    Need content


    I am running two sites at the moment. and

    I am looking for website content which I can use for my site as I am not good in writing. Please let me know nowhere I can get content.

    Also Pease suggest me how can I improve looks n design of I have seen that visitor returning back from first page. He is not checking entire site.


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    Why you don't look other popular sites that sell similar products? So you can improve your web site content. If you want to change your template when you maybe find a new one on
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    Sorry, are you looking for someone to write your content, or just for something that is premade ready for you to edit?

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    If someone ready to write content about my site that is also fine for me.

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    yes, but please describe complete pages details

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    There are a lot of sites out there to have content written for you. One is Textbroker. If you Google them, you can probably find their competitors, too.

    I'm sure many would be happy to write content for you, for a fee.

    Also, your site is really nice. The only thing I see that's off really is the Web Hosting Top link in the footer. It looks weird. And on my resolution your slider doesn't reach the ends of my screen. And.. "Hosting at Good Price" is poor grammar.
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    You could replace it with "Hosting at an affordable price"

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    If you need a good copywriter, I write on many topics. I have a vast experience in writing. Search and you find several worthy sites where the copywrites offer their services. Contact me if you need quality content at the reasonable price.

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    You're on the right path in looking at your traffic logs. If you're bounce rate is high on the default page, it means the visitors aren't finding what they think they're going to find (at least by the text on your site).

    Check your logs to see what keywords are being used to find your site. Do they match what you're offering? If not, have the content re-written to match what words you want to be found by.
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    There are quite a few people / companies out there on the internet that will be able to easily write up some content for your sites but for sure they aren't going to do it for free or donate it to you it's def. going to cost you something no matter what.

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    I recommend you to check out forum marketplaces as many experienced fluent writers are offering their services extremely cheap. Even a $100 investment could go very long way and boost both the quality and the traffic of your website in the long term.

    It is also never too late to improve your skills by forum participation so that you can write your own content someday.

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    Content is always considered as a king in terms of online marketing because it is helpful to provide information about a page or website. It should be unique, better and relevant to your product or services.

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    you can find some articles on creative and commons license, and copy it or bought some unique content on sites like

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    I guess if you're looking for some quality content, and you can't provide it yourself, you should think about paying for it or doing some type or barter - perhaps offering back links in return.
    Best of luck

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    I am open to content partnerships. If you'd like to use my blog posts on your site, let me know. PM me, as I just wrote a post that was very popular.
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