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    Do a SQL server wide UPDATE for all tables?


    Does anyone know if its possible to:

    1) Search for all tables ending with the name ending with "_users" under all databases (executed by the root user in phpmyadmin)

    2) In this list of tables, search for all records where the field user_login = "xyz"

    3) UPDATE these records, set the user_login field to be = user_nicename field and set the user_pass = MD5('abcxyz')

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    Since your WHERE condition is always same
    SET user_login field = user_nicename, 
    user_pass = MD5("abcxyz") WHERE user_login = "xyz"
    you can run following query first to come up with list of queries

    SELECT CONCAT( 'UPDATE ' , table_name,' SET 
    user_login = user_nicename, 
    user_pass = MD5("abcxyz") WHERE 
    user_login = "xyz"' ) FROM information_schema.tables 
        WHERE table_name LIKE '%_user';
    and then run the resulting queries
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