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    how to make bash script alert permission mode

    Hello guys,
    i have some shared hosting server (whm/cpanel), and many client using wordpress as cms, and they get some phising attack because they not setup permission 777 into more secure permission. So what can i do create bash script to find permission folder/file on my shared hosting and then email warning to client if they have file / folder with permission 777

    someone can help me?

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    You could compile in suPHP using EasyApache. When a PHP script is run from a 777 directory suPHP will throw a server error (perms need to be 755 for directories). It will also throw an error if a script is 777 (they should be 644).
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    Quote Originally Posted by nusantara View Post
    they get some phising attack because they not setup permission 777 into more secure permission.
    Access to directories with 777 permissions still requires user-level access to the server so you have at least one malicious user on board, or a user with insecure scripts that malicious users have exploited. And if you're running DSO then the genuine users are forced to use 777 permissions on upload directories - preventing it would be an unreasonable restriction on their usage.

    As tbenoit suggests you could switch to running suPHP which is generally a good idea on shared servers but it will only help to isolate users from each other - you'll still need to address the original problem of the insecure / malicious user account(s).

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