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    * Hosting Company Knowledgebase

    I'm looking into revamping my knowledgebase and I was wondering how other hosts fill up their KB. Do you take questions that are posted on other hosting sites? Do you take questions clients have asked you? How do you decide what to add?
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    We add what some of our most asked questions are, along with what general questions for any hosting website would be (Example: What is your update guarantee). There are also pre made ones you can use that have a lot of general questions, I've seen a lot of providers use these.
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    I keep updating knowledgebase with general support queries that is asked. In beginning you can check other hosts knowledgebase for common KB articles and re-write in your own words.
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    You would want to add the type of KB articles that a) reduces client frustration and b) reduces live chat/email/support tickets to customer service.
    Many clients would prefer finding a quick answer on your KB vs. manual 'contact' methods. Start with your most common questions and add those immediately.
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