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    looking for a file host/CDN

    We're looking for a hosting solution for purchased files (currently audio samples/loops). The current shared hosting is suitable for the site itself, but not for file hosting. As a longer term solution we'll probably get a VPS/dedicated server (also for other projects) but at this time we lack any experience in that area and just want something simple. An API or other method of restricting access to files to paying customers is preferred.

    Amazon S3 and other similar services would be excellent for this purpose, but - no matter how unlikely - the potential to end up with a large bill due to error or malice is something we'd rather not have to worry about, and we'd rather cope with a little downtime than an unexpected, unaffordable bill, so we're looking for a pre-paid service or a pay-as-you-go service where we can set an automatic limit on spending.

    The files currently range in size up to a few hundred MB (total size around 5GB, though more will be added over time) and in the first few months bandwidth usage is unlikely to be more than 10GB/month at most, though having the option to scale up is nice.

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    Have you looked at MaxCDN? They have pre-paid plans, but there are overage charges. I honestly haven't seen a CDN provider not charge overages though.
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    I've been looking at MaxCDN and would definitely consider it for use for other projects, but I couldn't find info on how the overage charges worked. We're happy to pay in advance when we expect to require additional bandwidth, but don't want to end up with unexpected charges in a monthly bill, and the idea of being charged in a 1TB increment even if we only went 1GB over the allowance is a bit terrifying. Also, MaxCDN's controls over restricting access to files seem to be sold in an 'EdgeSecurity' option costing $40 a month, which is hugely over the budget for this which is, at least in the early days, basically just a small hobbyist site.

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    While I'm still looking for a CDN with automatic budget/bandwidth controls, I think the simplest way to handle this current site is to use an e-commerce handler with hosting such as Fastspring/BMT Micro.

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