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    cPanel with seperate install of phpMyAdmin

    I installed phpMyAdmin on my shared hosting account at Hostgator in order to give one of our devs access to a db without giving them access to our entire account. The main page takes 1.5 minutes to load and everything done once loaded takes 30 seconds to respond. I opened chat support with hostgator, and after repeating myself 10 times and answer a bunch of irrelevant questions, the tech said it just won't work (at a reasonable speed) and we have to use phpMyAdmin from cPanel.

    Is this a problem with cPanel or something specific to Hostgator's environment? I'll be moving our sites to a dedicated server or VPS and I'll be installing a panel to manage our 20 - 30 websites that will be on there, and will need to give devs access to temporary installs of phpMyAdmin outside of cPanel.

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    I'd suggest you take a different approach: enable remote mysql access and let the devs handle their own local / remote install of phpMyAdmin (or something equivalent). If they're not capable of doing that then you certainly don't want them working on your websites.

    That said, I see no reason why a phpmyadmin install on HG should be so slow - it's just another hosted application. Are typical PHP-MySQL websites slow too?

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