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    Way to see if a client's VPN is sending mass mail?

    Hey WHT, I've been running into alot of trouble lately with quite a few of my VPS customers using their VPS as mass email spamming machines... I don't want any of their IPs to end up on any blacklists, so you can see why I am concerned. I just haven't found out a way to see if they are doing it other than checking their bandwidth usage and such. I hope someone has an answer for me. I currently am using SolusVM and my customers are on OpenVZ VMs. Thanks guys!
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    Just fire up tcpdump on your HN and see what the traffic is. You could also since it's OVZ look at the HN resources and see what what processes are running and taking most resource then use lsof to figure out which process it is which will tell you which user.

    Alternatively, you can use this. I understand this is great haven't tested myself yet. But plan to test soon.
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