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    I am wanting to set up a game server, specifically a space station 13 server. Don't worry if you don't know what that is, its a game and people make their own servers. I want players to actually visit the game.

    if I buy a dedicated hosting server I need players, I am looking for ways to advertise it, what are people's suggestions?

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    Use good SEO,
    Post and Advertise in Game Forums,
    Open a Related Game Blog
    & Create a FaceBook page for your Game service.
    There is more other ways you can do too.

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    You can try advertising on forums and do blog posts. You'd need to first find a niche for example does the game deal with first person shooters or role play ? Then from here you can also find sites related to other games that relate to yours and advertise there.

    Overall I personally think and suggest you should first build a team of people who will be commited to the server and have the time to help promote it. The best way of advertising is by work of mouth. Getting players to play on the server and then talk about it when they aren't playing is the best thing that can possibly happen to any business or name that is trying to promote itself . Having someone talk good about something will make others look into it.

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    I would first work to get a team for ST13. Its a goood game & could definitely use more servers. You have any plans on your rule set and that?

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