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    Equinix resellers ?

    I am trying to find resellers of Equinix since they don't sell the services to the end customer. I heard that their peering is good.

    I could have send them an email in order to ask their resellers list, but they may not reply. I don't need managed servers, but customization is a must.

    Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland and US dedicated server providers are okay for me, I'll need at least 10 servers.
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    I've read that when most people are looking for resellers of Equinix, they usually call them to get an exact and updated list.
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  3. Several providers here Colocate within Equinix. What are you trying to accomplish by being there specifically?

    Do you need 10 servers per location you have listed, or just 10 servers overall?

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    what is your hardware requirement and budget per server?
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    Equinix is a data center - unless you specifically want to be there for the Equinix factor - there are lots of other data centers with good peering and/or are part of the equinix peering exchanges without actually using Equinix.

    Would like into your actual requirements first.
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