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    Addon domain vs separate shared hosting account criteria

    Hi all,

    Happy New Year!!

    I will be starting 2 new websites ( each will have website / blog and forum parts)

    What option would you choose in the following:
    Option 1: buy shared hosting for now, make one website as the main domain and the other as an addon domain --> and if they overgrow, move them to semi-dedicated or vps either together or the one that will become too big ( cannot predict if it will be the "addon" or "main" website)

    Option 2: buy 2 shared hosting accounts and separate each website on each account from the very beginning to avoid problems later on.

    In general what are your criteria when you want to have separate hosting account for each of your website and when just use addon (or sub) domains?

    THANKS A LOT!!!!

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    If I have budget, I will go for Option 2
    If I have very limited budget, I will consider option 1
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    Well addon domains are really good if you have more than one domain which points to the same content eg: all point to the because they are just to protect your brand.

    But if you've got two websites it's down to the budget like Ravi said, if you can afford two accounts, if one managed to get compromised both sites won't be down.
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    Option 2 all the way.

    The time saved when migrating in the future is worth the extra cost. Some hosting providers might even be willing to split an account for you (never hurts to ask). - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    Separate is simplier i am learning

    I am in the process of consolidating 3 small sites that were each on their own account with C panel and moving them to a new shared account as an addon domain. It is taking more time than I expected. I am doing it to save a few dollars as the sites are low volume used primarily for email.

    If you expect them to grow keep them separate. You can get a reseller account then they will each have their own cpanel preparing for for an instant transfer if and when you need more power or want to separate for security. Keep your DNS with a different company so you can control when you move if host goes bad.

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    +1 for separate (if you have the budget). | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    You can go for option 2 but there is one more option that you shell our a little more and buy a plan where in you can host 2 or more domains at a time in a single account. Remember please check out what do the provider offer in terms of space and bandwidth since you will have 2 websites sharing the same.
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    If you are not expecting much traffic your two sites. Then a shared hosting with domain addon upto 5 more if sufficient in your case. If the traffic expectation is high (if you are going to advertise a lot) I even recommend a VPS as well. If you are not technical enough or dont have much time then hire a managing services.
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    I think the separation into separate accounts is an overkill and not worth the extra $.
    Get an shared hosting plan which allows multiple domains.
    Each website will have it's domain controls, site controls, ftp controls, e-mail controls. There will be no difference between 2 accounts or 1 account for 2 websites.
    cPanel, Hepsia or whatever you choose will do for you.

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