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    WHMCS email and ticket support configuration

    I was doing some random testing on our WHMCS ticket support.
    And I notice the following:

    1. Whenever a client reply to a ticket support, I don't receive any email notification that the client responded to his ticket support..

    2. When a client replied directly from his email account (gmail,yahoo,etc), the reply does not appear in his ticket support..

    Any thoughts?

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    1.) You need to set your account to receive alerts I think it's under your admin account settings. Haven't got a install anymore to find out for you sorry.

    2.) You need to set up email piping.
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    1) Do you have Enable Ticket Notifications enabled under Setup --> Staff Management --> Administrator Users --> Your User?

    2) You will need to configure piping/importing to achieve this.

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    wow. thanks for the helpful reply! I have not set that yet. Will try and will get back to this thread

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    Sounds good. If, after that, you still don't get ticket reply notifications, my next question would be: Do you get emails when tickets are opened?

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