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    Greetings (i totally forgot to do this)

    I hate to talk about myself, my mother always said it was not proper
    However I have 10+ years experience in internet marketing & various web hosting firms - originally specializing in firmware and now moving up to more VPS / Dedi work. I am on a couple different forums so I am sure a few of you may recognize me. I post when I can but am very busy with my own sites & projects, I am very inquisitive so forgive me in advance if I ask allot of questions

    LOVE web hosting talk, hope to make it my new home, i just love how responsive people are - in a very short time i have managed to stimulate allot of good debates and convos on here plus meet some really cool new work contacts. Plus the advice furnished to me by users here surpasses all others.

    BE Well,

    Jon (ihavevps)

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    You sound like a good match for WHT!

    Welcome aboard

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    Hi ihavevps and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    A couple points of great interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Welcome to WHT! Enjoy your stay

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