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    Talking Hosted IVR - Get your own US/UK Number - Forward calls to your US mobile/landline

    Hi All,

    Let's make this very simple

    We currently offer the following for a very cheap price.

    Hosted IVR - 10$ per month
    - 1 US/UK Number any of your prepared area code
    - 2 concurrent calls
    - Forward calls directly to your US landline or mobile phones without publishing your real number on the internet (250 minutes per month)
    - Unlimited voicemails are sent to your emails (with caller ID, timestamp and the recorded voice mail)

    * Additional US/UK number - 3$/Month

    US: +1 209.841.1153
    UK: +44 151.253.4333

    If you have any questions please let us know. Contact US:

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