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    Vanity Nameservers: Performance?

    I'm curious... does having vanity nameservers decrease the performance of DNS lookup, since I imagine it acts like a sort of redirect?

    How do most of the larger sites on the web handle nameservers? Do they typically brand it with vanity names?

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    In my experience the larger sites do not use vanity nameservers too much, I've seen some huge sites happy to show off their free hosting nameservers!

    As for performance, I don't think there's too much of an effect, one way or another you need to have the nameservers resolved upon website request, and whether you have vanity nameservers or not it still needs to resolve the nameserver records whether it's your domain hosting them or not.

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    i am using vanity nameservers and they are fast as default nameserver
    i check the speed using

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    Yes, it decreases the performance slightly. This is due to name servers looking up the glue records that resolve your vanity host names to the IP addresses.

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    I consider using vanity name servers doesn't decrease the performance. Such name servers only give your website more professional appearance to any user looking at your DNS. Besides vanity name servers allow you to use one of your own domain names for your name servers without any further complicated setting up hosts or zone files. I think some of the larger sites don't brand their custim name servers with vanity name servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by netomatic View Post
    Yes, it decreases the performance slightly. This is due to name servers looking up the glue records that resolve your vanity host names to the IP addresses.
    The presence of glue records does have a small impact on lookup times, but vanity nameservers have glue just like any others. The only case where you won't have glue records is where the domain name you're hosting has a different tld to the nameservers. eg. a domain using .com nameservers. (.net and .com use the same parent nameservers so these count as the same).

    So really there's no reason for any speed difference. The best reason for using vanity nameservers in hosting is convenience: allowing the host to change provider without requiring their clients to make changes.

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