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    My VPS with Abdicar has been down 22+ hours now. I'm also unable to contact them. This doesn't look good.

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    Just got this email from Abdicar. Looks like they were shutdown by Spamhaus. After doing a search on Spamhaus of my IP address, I came across this advisory. I never even sent one e-mail with my VPS so somebody else on their network has ruined it for everyone else. On the flip side, Abdicar should be more proactive in finding customers who are abusing their network by sending spam. Let's hope I can at least get a backup from my VPS.

    Dear Nick,

    We regret to inform you that the IP address or addresses associated to your service have been disabled (nullrouted) due to unjustified pressure by Spamhaus.

    Spamhaus has converted into a wolf in sheep's clothing that has been curtailing the freedom of Internet users, with a goal “unknown” to people as of today.

    Even though SpamHaus did not provide proof of your infraction, they used extorsive tactics so one of our providers would disable the traffic down to the IP address of your service.

    With a simple Google search, you can also read more about the dubious actions from SpamHaus, such as:

    Other clear examples of the international impact that these SpamHaus corrupted actions:*...-956/comments/

    At this point, and since SpamHaus considers (without proof) that from your service unusual activities are being performed, we need to cancel your Service, based on our Company Policy available at under section 18.

    18. SPAM / Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) / Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE):
    The Subscriber may not use or permit others to use the service that abdicar provides to the Subscriber to transmit (including by email, uploading, posting or other transmission), originate, pass through or otherwise transact any SPAM, UCE and/or UBE. Violations of this policy carry, as well as possible suspension or cancellation of service.
    We truly regret to cancel your service without any prior notice, grace period, and without any apparent reason but the indiscriminate aggression by SpamHaus to the clients that do not host their sites in companies that sponsor them. We know this is a terrorist act against the essence of the Internet, and we are confident that with time the price for their actions will fall on them.

    Additionally, and since abdicar is committed to truth, justice and Internet freedom, we have made this issue public, through an international Press Release sent out today.

    We end up this email with our head up high, with our commitment to continue backing the thousands of businesses around the world that are being harassed by the new bad boys of Internet: SpamHaus

    We thank you for your preference and our team is available to further assist you in this matter.

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