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    Post installing blogger CMS

    Can we install bloggers blogspot software on linux hosting?

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    You should be able to install it on Linux.
    I'd suggest WordPress however as a free alternative that is easier to install.

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    If by "bloggers blogspot" you mean the service provided by Google - no you can't install that on your own hosting.

    However like Panther said there's alternatives such as Wordpress.

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    I don't think blogspot script is available for download and distribution.
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    +1 for WordPress. Just make sure to keep WordPress updated. Though I do believe, WordPress is now doing automatic security updates. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    Did a quick search, but it doesn't seem like blogspot can be downloaded. Like the others have said Wordpress is a great script. Just gotta keep and eye on it, sometimes it start getting a bit resource heavy at times.
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    Wordpress is very easy to setup and configure on Linux platform. In fact just about any Linux blogging script can easily be installed without any issues.

    These days most hosts also have free script installers where you just enter your into into a form click process or install and it'll install what you want die free with just a click if a button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravi_9793 View Post
    I don't think blogspot script is available for download and distribution.
    yes, but sometimes i have seen sites with blogspot kind of CMS

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    It might be a theme just like blogspot. Wordpress has huge community that will help you to get updated.
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