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    How to allocate PHP-FPM dynamically for each site on vps?

    I'm learning about PHP-FPM at and

    I have 10 sites on an Nginx server with Kloxo-MR.

    A server tech stating that "Because client number is high for 1GB RAM, I change php-fpm allocation for each client (see custom file inside /home/php-fpm/tpl)."

    I said that only a couple sites on the vps will be using the majority of RAM since the other sites don't get any traffic. I want the PHP-FPM allocated as needed, in other words, if a site is using more RAM and CPU than others, then allocated it to that site -- I think this is called dynamic allocation. Tech replied that "Php-fpm is allocated per-client basic. If this 10 clients are not 'real' clients, better use 'admin' for all domains. You can move domain via 'change owner' in panel."

    I'd like someone to help me setup PHP-FPM so that each site that requires more RAM resources due to traffic spikes is allocated RAM as needed (dynamically).

    Awaiting a reply
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    Huh... where am I again?
    Set each site to use a separate pool and have the process management (pm) setting be ondemand. Set max_spare_servers and max_children to be low numbers for less intensive sites and higher number for more resource intensive sites. With ondemand as the process management, only servers that are needed will be forked.
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    I hired someone to set the ondemand process management. Can you tell me what command to run so I see what each website setting are?

    In Kloxo-MR admin, I could see the processes and each website now has a separate pool. Can I change the ondemand process for each site inside Kloxo-MR admin or do I need Putty?

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    Check two places - you should have a php-fpm.conf and then for each pool(client) you should have something like /pool.d/examplepoolname.conf . I believe its located in the individual pool configuration file, but just in case check php-fpm.conf
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