We at Fosty hope you have had a great Christmas and an even better new year. As some people might have seen, there has been great improvement on our end and we have now worked hard to get those small finishes good. Our biggest improvement would be this one, the one that will remove the name Fosty and launch our new and improved website.

We know that big changes like this can be scary to many. Many things will and have been changed with the new name. Our website is one of them, and we have raised our prices a little bit, but that is not for our existing clients! If you signed up for our old pricing, you will of course keep that one.
We have also launched Reseller plans, these are loaded with features and are good to go if you want to start a webhosting company within a few days. Other than that, we have not changed much.

If you need to contact us or access the client area, the URL is now https://netyep.com/member.
Everything should be as before, so your old login information is the one you should use.

In addition, other than these news, we know with big changes it also comes problems.
These problems can be with our website, our support team and other. However, it should not be on your end, as it is just our cover that has had a makeover.

We hope both new and existing customers will enjoy our improvements.

Formerly Fosty.net Staff
The Netyep.com crew

*Please contact us if you have an problem with our website*