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    Looking: Xeon 5520 x 2, 24GB, 1x500GB, 2x2TB, 20TB BW, 1Gbps

    Anyone know where I might find this for $100 USD a Month?

    Xeon L5520 x 2
    Xeon L5639 x 2 (Preferred)

    24GB Ram
    1 x 250-500GB HDD (Boot/Citrix VM's)
    2 x 2TB HD

    20TB Monthly Bandwidth
    1GPBS Port Uncapped - Metered

    10 RANDOM IPs spread across multiple Subnets
    Willing to settle for /28 if I have too, but would prefer random or even 2 x /29 on different sub nets, or even say a /29 with 5 random IPs added etc.

    Prefer West Coast USA location! Not mandatory though

  2. You're going to struggle with the IP allocation, as well as the price. What's your justification for the IP spread?

    $100 a month is also going to be very tough at that configuration. With Dual L5639's, you're probably looking at closer to $350 a month including that bandwidth on an uncapped dedicated port.

    Good luck with your search!

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    Not exactly sure what you mean by the IP spread. If you mean spread across multiple sub nets. Well that is easy, Security. Part of the server will be used for development testing, another part for suppliers, another part for clients, etc.

    If you mean the IP count, well it goes something like this:
    Citrix Xenserver:1 IP
    DataFeeds VPS:2 IP
    Supplier VPS:1 IP
    Clients VPS:1
    Private VPN Lan VPS:1 IP
    Development VPS:4 IP

    In the example above I can have the VPN and Development VPS on a single /29, then assign random ones for the others.

    As for the 5639, I said preferred on that, not mandatory, was just a wish. The 5520 will handle it fine, 5639 is just a perk if I can get it.

    In regards to the IPs, well again is preferred, not mandatory. Obviously a /29 minimum will be needed and expected as is usual with most dedicated servers.

    TBH, never had an issue with the IPs through any NOC in the past. Some want the ip justification, others not.

    The main specs are the most important, how I get there can be modified!

    This config is so that I can allow the storage to grow as needed in the future.

    As for the 1 Gbps, sure uncapped but its still metered. Reasonable capping can be discussed etc, but basically a 100Mbps connection simply does NOT work when I am pushing data out. Incoming never exceeds 100Mbps but outgoing is too slow.
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    Oh and I forgot to mention that if, or were not sold out of the 5520 series already I probably would be able to get my needs filled there.

    That is why I am trying to see if anyone else knows of another place like them with inventory!

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    10 IP's in different subnets is a huge pain in the ass for providers because we'd basically need to assign you 10 /30's which is basically a /27. And I doubt someone is going to offer a /27 + 2 2tb harddrives, etc for $100/month.
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    Never knew that, but I have had more than 5 major DC provide it in the past 10 years without complaining. If its a biggie then will work around it. Like I said Preferred NOT demanded or required though.

    At the very start of the IP request I specifically said "Willing to settle for /28 if I have too"

    I sent out 15 emails already to Providers I found four have replied they would easily do the 2 /29, one said no problem with the 10 random (when they get servers back in stock). One said only /28.

    It's been my experience like all things in life, if you don't ask then you will never get it. Anyway it is OPTIONAL on the IP issue!

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    That was in the past, as you said. Now, we're running a bit low on the ol' IPv4.

    Major providers are also generally able to provide things like that because they have large IP allocations across multiple subnets in most cases. Most small-mid sized providers won't have that, especially nowadays!

    If you're able to find one in stock, I have been a customer of both Wholesale Internet and QuickPacket and highly recommend both providers.

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    Quickpacket or cloudshards might do it for you if you double your budget atleast.Never going to happen with 100$

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