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    Cool ★JOE's Gone Crazy★ $$$'s Cut - Dedi @ $16 - 1Gbps - IPv6 - BTC Welcome!

    **Kansas City Unmanaged Dedicated Servers**
    We just finished building out a brand new facility in downtown Kansas City, MO.
    We purchased and built this data-center from scratch to provide the best possible infrastructure for our dedicated server customers.
    All servers have UPS and Diesel Generator backup power as well as gigabit connection through our diverse multi-homed network.

    ******1Gbps Network Ports on all servers and Free IPv6 Allocation by request******

    ****** Joe's New Year Specials ******
    • $74 Intel 4-Core i7 Hyper Thread w/ 8GB Ram
    • $54 Intel 4-Core i5 w/ 8GB Ram
    • $48 Intel 2-Core i3 Hyper Thread w/ 8GB Ram
    • $49 Dual 4-Core Intel Xeon L5420 w/ 8GB Ram
    • $64 Dual 4-Core Intel Xeon E5530 w/ 24GB Ram
    • $54 AMD FX 6-Core 6100 w/ 8GB Ram
    • $69 AMD FX 8-Core 8120 w/ 8GB Ram
    • Price Includes 500GB HDD, 5 IPs, 10TB Transfer
    • Lots of upgrade options during order!

    ****** Crazy Joe's January Specials ******
    • $39 Quad Core Grab Bag Server w/ 2GB Ram, 250GB HDD, 5 IPs, 10TB Transfer
    • $34 Dual Core Grab Bag Server w/ 2GB Ram, 250GB HDD, 5 IPs, 10TB Transfer
    • $16 P4/Atom Server w/ 1GB Ram, 120GB HDD, 1 IPs, 2TB Transfer *Limited Stock*
    • Lots of upgrade options during order!

    What is a grab bag server?
    A grab bag server means we will guarantee that the server has a specific amount of cores but we do not guarantee a specific processor model or speed. For example if you order a quad-core grab bag you may receive a quad core phenom or you may receive a dual processor dual-core opteron. In this example both the servers contain 4 total cores. The advantage is that these prices are lower than what we would normally sell for that specification.

    If you want any custom operating system or partition setup not included on the checkout form simply submit a ticket after your order and we can set it up how you need it free of charge.

    Why Should You Host at Joe's?
    1. MRTG Network Graphs
    2. No Contracts
    3. No Hidden Charges
    4. Free DirectAdmin if Requested
    5. Live Datacenter Camera
    6. We take Bitcoin
    7. And.. a new friend in the datacenter business!

    Check out our website for more info
    If you’re interested send me an e-mail to [email protected]
    Like us on Facebook!
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    Joe Morgan @ Joe’s Datacenter, LLC-
    Affordable & Reliable Dedicated Servers| VPS |Colocation in the Midwest
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    any test ip available ?
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