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    Managing a dedicated server

    I have had a dedicated server for several years with Cpanel/WHM installed. I only have one site that uses the server. Is Cpanel/WHM overlkill for this? I have thought about using something like ISPConfig or Webmin. But have yet to take the plunge

    My only fear is making sure that my server is adequately protected with all the patches, and apache mods that are required. How would I know what I need to make sure my server is safe if I choose a life without Cpanel?

    I am well versed with using linux, and managing the server so I honestly dont think it would be horrible if I left cpanel.

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    If you can managed/secure a server, I mean from command line etc..., then I recommend ISPConfig. You do not need a cPanel for just one site. In fact, you do not even need a control panel at all if it is just 1 site.
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    If it's just one site you could probably use a VPS, or even Shared Hosting, it depends on whether the site actively gets lots of visitors/has high resource usage for it to be worth using a Dedicated Server.

    If it requires a Dedicated Server, I personally use KloxoMR, a free control panel, if I don't require cPanel. Another good alternative is zPanel, also free, but it doesn't have a built in file manager currently, only FTP.

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    You could go without a control panel at all, just custom compile Apache, PHP and anything else you need. It is more manual to maintain than utilizing cPanel but some of the work (even performing updates via yum, if you wish) could be scripted.
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    Why do you consider removing cPanel. Is the cost of license something that bothers you? ANyone is suggesting to go without control panel or wit hang other control panels, but the time you;d spend in learning new server management software and the management effort may not worth.
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    I am managing my server all via terminal good learning expierence! super powerful I uploaded about 10mil rows into mysql in ~10 minutes!

  7. Joseph go the traditional route, no panels, you really dont need it for 1 site. It will be also much more secure, just install a good firewall, and enable some mod_sec rules.
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    I agree with the general consensus here. I've been managing servers via command line for some years now, and for a single site I would definitely not use cPanel. It's a resource waster. You can get so much more for your money when it's not using unnecessary resources and you don't have to pay extra for licensing for it.

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    With limited experience with it, i have used the 'CentOS Web Panel' -it is free, comes installed with CSF and whole bunch of other useful features.

    Allows for creation of web hosting accounts etc.

    Might be something for you to take a look at?
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