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    Google Apps (Standard Edition) licenses

    I am selling few domains with attached grandfathered FREE Google Apps (Standard Edition) licenses.
    You will get the domain and login info for the google apps account under this domain.
    You can add your own domains to the google apps account for free to use google mail and other apps under your own domains. 100 licenses would monthly cost you 500$ but all what's needed to do here is one time payment for domain and then enjoy grandfathered google apps for free.

    Domain with MaxGoogleAppsAccounts: 50 -> $28
    Domain with MaxGoogleAppsAccounts: 100 -> $30
    Domain with MaxGoogleAppsAccounts: 200 -> $40

    Domain names are random (org and net extensions usually). If you're interested please PM me.

    You can setup a new domains under the existing account and start using Google Apps on the new domain at no charge.
    Payment via paypal. Domain push to ** account -

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    I am interested in purchasing one of these domains/accounts from you, but just recently made an account on this site so I do not have enough posts yet to be able to PM you. Could you please send me an email at: ttedget AT sphere DOT ly


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    Mail sent. Thank you for your interest.

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    Just wanted to say thanks, and that I highly recommend this to anyone interested. Speadge provided excellent and quick communication, and I would be glad to do business with them again.

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    Hey there are there any more of these left?

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    Yes, of course. I am going to PM you with details.

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    Not a bad deal. Cut in half since my last purchase
    █ █ █

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    Great Guy bought a 100 User from him. Helped me set it up too

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    I hope I am not too late, do you have any more available?


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    Bought an account. Great deal, went super smooth. Very nice guy to deal with.

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    Thank you

    @bitbagels I have still some although not much of them anymore. I can't PM you with details because you don't have required quota of posts (10) and your PM option at board isn't activate yet.

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    Hi there! I'm definitely interested in one of these; please tell me you have one left! :O
    Can you drop me a line at tbrisbane (at) live (dot) com regarding this, please?


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    I just want to know if you still have standard google apps am very interested buying 100 users.


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    Few of them is still available however I can't PM you because too small post quota (10 posts required in order to be able to send you PM).

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    thanks for the reply you can send me the detail in my sidesprojects (at) gmail (dot) com.


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    Do you have any licenses left?

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    Yes, of course. The latest deal can be found here:

    I can't PM you yet because you need 10 board posts in order to do that. Please contact me to: my forum username above +

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    Google Apps Free

    Are there some better than others?

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    sorry - should i go for a shorter URL - are they more valuable?

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