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    Adventurous Gal

    Heard this from a friend. Her friend was invited to the outbacks of Australia, frankly speaking, I live in Melbourne and am already complaining about the inaccessibility of hypermarts and so on with Costco nearly 40km away. Well this "adventurous lady" from our US of A accepted the invitation and came back alive and with complaints enough to write an ebook.

    One incident that tickled me was her description that she craved for a steak. The host set out in the morning and managed to hunt the poor fella who was destined as a steak for a lady from US of A. They butchered, skinned and finally had a steak for the lady, just in time for her dinner. My advice, for those aren't used to the outbacks of Australia and wanted adventure, don't try it, it can be a dangerous place for the uninitiated. Best to to go a theme park or something of that nature, it simply isn't for city folks. Their concept of "adventure" differs radically from what you will be facing at the outbacks.

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    I've always considered a trip to the outback (and all around Australia's more dangerous parts) to be one or two steps below the intensity level of going on a mountain climbing expedition. You have to build up to that kind of thing.

    After all, it isn't like getting a beginner pilot's license immediately qualifies you to drive a space shuttle.
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    Interesting story if you've told! Of course you should think what adventure you want and be ready for this. Lucky this girl is! as for me I'm fond on nature especially mountains. I have a vast experience of mountain climbing. But even I'm not crazy to go the farthest corners of the region and climb the highest peaks we have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan - Limestone View Post
    I've always considered a trip to the outback (and all around Australia's more dangerous parts)
    What do you mean by "outback"? Do you mean visiting cattle stations, or some of the smaller towns in central Australia?

    When I hear someone saying they want to go to the "outback", I wonder what they mean. Perhaps a trip to Ayers Rock? I mean there's not too many places you would go, as an American tourist, unless you were part of a tour expedition or something.

    As an Aussie, I wouldn't want to go to the "outback", as there's pretty much nothing there, unless you go to a specific place or you're with a group. Safety in numbers out there.

    Basically the whole country is way too dangerous, especially for American tourists. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Ryan's one of our cloud gurus. If he's going to the "outback," it better be the "steakhouse."
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