Fort Washington, 3 January 2014 AssetGateway has just expanded their service offerings from just proxy packages and dedicated server to hosted solutions.

This change allows AssetGateway to grow further into the corporate environment and reach their ultimate goal: DDoS protection for every consumer.

Our systems are fully KVM virtualized for maximum performance and the best experience for our customers.

About AssetGateway
AssetGateway is a company founded in August 2012. It has been slowly growing and started providing new services such as dedicated Minecraft packages and TCP reverse proxying. Later they added DDoS protected dedicated servers to their range in order to fill the large gap in the market for more affordable hosted protection. AssetGateway is still making this possible today.

Growing threat of DDoS attack
Everyone has heard about DDoS attacks being able to pretty much ruin any business. Downtime costs money, AssetGateway wants to stop this from happening at any time, and has been able to mitigate any attack since 2012, never letting any customer down.