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    How to get Google page rank for my website

    How i will get PR for my website I was trying from last 6 months but still it is same no Google page rank
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    Google Page Rank will depend upon the back links. Try to generate the Quality back links to your site and content will be the king always. Try to add quality content to your website.By this you can get the page Rank.
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  3. Instead of focusing on getting PR, you should focus on getting relevant and authority links. This will ensure higher ranking of your keywords and also helps to increase your PR. Though Google already mentioned that they won't update PR regularly as they used to do earlier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robinkusik View Post
    How i will get PR for my website I was trying from last 6 months but still it is same no Google page rank
    Did you give them a ring? Why do you care about PR?
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    You have to make baclinks on regular basis. Make sure that backlinks should be of high quality. And update your blog or website on daily basis. I hope you will get your PR easily
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    Quote Originally Posted by robinkusik View Post
    trying from last 6 months but still it is same no Google page rank
    This will be 1 of 2 reasons ...

    1. You have no content of interest for Googel to index - so give up now
    2. You've been sandboxed for trying to scam the SE - so give up now

    Stop flogging the dead horse and go do something else.
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    If your site is new it may take some time to get PR (higher than 0). It's just sort of an overall score, and doesn't actually tell you how the site is doing right now, or for particular keywords.

    Try Majestic SEO or Moz to get a score that's worth something. And get a SERP tracker if you haven't already. (Moz does that too.)
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    Try to get quality backlinks to your website through link building activities like Blog commenting,Article submission,Blog submission,Forum posting etc..
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    PR depends on many facts. If your domain name old enough or not. If it's a new one of course the google search engine won't consider it's serious. then how many backlinks you have. if some old trustworthy sites have backlinks on your site, so you are connected. and the trust of google increases. So make a quality backlink exchange!
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    Quote Originally Posted by robinkusik View Post
    How i will get PR for my website I was trying from last 6 months but still it is same no Google page rank
    In regards to your question, if you want to "get Pr" that it would be the course of wisdom to get a good handle on what really is the definition of what is PageRank. According to Google's website; "PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites."

    Therefore just as others have stated, getting PR revolves around links but not just any link, but quality links preferably from specific web pages that already have a high PR.
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    I think you must first look up the seo practices you are doing from the last 6 months. Secondly you must have a look over the sites you have submitted your site within them. Again you would have to figure out how many back links your site have. There may be any possibility that you are posting your link on poor page rank and domain authority sites and faced no rewards in the last month when Google assigned page rank to the sites.

    Try to change you strategies for the next 3 months may be you would get some good rank of Google would retain its schedule as it did till feb 2012. Good luck for the future.
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    You should try to get quality back links from websites. And remember one thing no spamming. You can use SEO techniques for back links.
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    PR Depends on the following Factors :
    1.On Page Optimization
    2.Off Page Activities(Link building activities)
    4.Page/Domain Authority
    5.Hosted server
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