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Thread: Reboot Alert?

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    Reboot Alert?

    Is there a way to make CentOS send me an email anytime the server reboots or a workaround to do so? My server rebooted randomly and I had no idea about it until several hours later and the MySQL service failed to restart upon reboot due to,

    Another MySQL daemon already running with the same unix socket
    Which requires manual intervention to resolve and is a crucial service.

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    You can use third party monitoring tool to monitor your server. It will send you alert when your server becomes unresponsive. - Offshore Web Hosting Provider. Netherlands/Romania || 24x7 Support
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    Yes, use free service like pingdom to monitor your server. You will get instant email alert when your server is unresponsive.
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    You have some options to set an alerts email on the server itself.

    1. If its a graceful restart, set a cronjob like following.

    2. Create an init script that will send an email in event of startup or shutdown. Then start is and run "chkconfig <script name> on"

    Anyway, what exact issue you are facing with MySQl auto start up? if its not starting up after reboot, make sure its enabled on all run levels. Else run "chkconfig mysql on" and that will turn on MySQL on network enabled run levels. If its something else, script your solution, make it executable, put the script location to /etc/rc.local which will be executed after every reboot; though applying a permanent fix is recommended.

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    You can also use this simple script. It will send an email if the server uptime is less than one minute (it requires 'mailx' RPM package). You can add a cron job so it runs every 5 minutes:

    */5 * * * * root /path/
    #!/usr/bin/env bash

    email="[email protected]"

    if [ "$uptime" -lt 60 ]; then

    echo -e "Server: $(hostname)\nUptime: $(uptime)" | mail -s "Uptime alert for: $(hostname) [$(date)]" $email

    You should definitely investigate what is the cause of these reboots and fix it.
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    Install monit - it will send you notifications when a service status changes (including reboots) - it will also try to restart the service for you.

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