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    Having a - in the domain name affect anything?

    Hi, I am looking to register some domains for a company I would like to setup and I am curious if having a "-" in the name will affect it?


    Having the - there, will it affect anything? The domain I would like to register is completely open so I can register both x-servers and xservers.

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    It doesnt affect a thing, Just find a nice name
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    It will not affect anything. But dash is generally avoided for branded domains.
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    While it doesn't give you any negative effects, I would strongly avoid it, whenever possible, especially when it comes to building your brand. The reason is plain and simple - domains with dashes and numbers in them are generally harder to be remembered when heard. This is called "the radio test" and reflects on how memorable and easy is to figure out the domain when you hear it out loud. As people tend to simplify things in their head, generally they will remember the name, without any additional symbols in it. Similar with the argument ".com or .net" extension - its not bad to get it, but the majority would type .com by default.

    In your case, as both are available, I would advice you to register both and just "park" the second domain to open the same website. This is how you would be milking traffic from both of them, even if the customer puts a dash in it where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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