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    What Do Banned Countries See?

    I currently have China, Russia, and Ukraine banned via WHM. No one has ever bought a product from our site or even made a single inquiry from these paces from us in 20 years. Yet there is non-stop hacking of submission forms, user registrations, spam, brute force attacks, content scraping, etc.

    I am wondering, however, just in case there is an innocent soul out there who wants to see our site, what do they see when they hit the web site - a blank screen or an Apache notice?

    Where does one edit the screen template they see in WHM so a notice can be put up so they could send an email to reach us?

    Gary C
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    Hello Gary,

    I read it like you blocked via the firewall. In that case they cannot even reach the server and they see a website unavailable page (the browser specific).

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    Depends on how you're blocking them, I'm sure.
    I have a feeling it just times out until they start going behind proxies, browsers/VNC servers, and the like. But I'm pretty sure it just times out for them as if the site had shut down.

    I'm more than familiar with the goings-on in those areas and have had more than enough tickets requesting a GeoIP block on those country codes. Doesn't really matter who's in control of the I.P. block, it never...lets...up. Then again, it comes with the territory, and new allocations/assignments are almost always a toss-up.
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