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    Thumbs up Shared Hosting Review


    I would like to give my review about Balticservers (

    My first reason I choose Balticservers is because they are located on non-USA (Lithuania). I already have several USA hostings and thinking to use non-USA one. But don't get me wrong, it is nothing about contents or "anything else", because usually people looking for non-USA servers for "special need". For me, I just would like to have an alternative beside USA hosts.

    Balticservers provide 4 name servers.
    I look at it and found ns1 and ns4 use the same IP address, so I consider it as 3 name servers on different IP.
    And this is good for redudancy of my email.

    My budget is US$10-20 per year, and they fit into it.
    They give unlimited space, with term: "You can only place content that complies with Lithuanian laws."
    But I only use some MB, so it suit for me.

    Cpanel is their control panel and I already familiar with it, so no need learning curve.

    Their support is good.
    Actually I never contact them regarding issue on my account.

    Their shared hosting server use Grey Listing and SPF Checking, so it is very good to reduce incoming spams arriving on my Inbox.

    I use Balticservers shared hosting service for about 3-4 months and very happy with everything.

    Since I only use my website basically for email, I can not give any review about their database, programming support, etc.

    For verification: hosted on Balticservers.

    Thank you for reading my review.

    PS: English is not my first language, so please accept my apologize for any writing and grammar errors.
    Just a simple website, nothing important.

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    Thank you for your review
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    Awesome, very detailed review. Glad to see you've found a host that is both reliable and fits well into your budget.

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    Thank you for sharing your review. good to see customer happy with their provider.
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