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    **15% OFF ShostE | Starting @ $3.50 | 5ms From NYC | Gigabit Ports| USA Location

    At ShostE we provide quality VPS Hosting at an affordable rate! Our servers are located in the North East of the United States with only a 5ms ping from the Big Apple (New York City)! We offer complete Raid 1 redundancy, and all of our servers are on a Gigabit Port. Our customer support is also superb. We have several customer support techs ready to help you at almost anytime of the day. The servers are OpenVZ and we are using SolusVM Panel.

    We are pleased to offer an exclusive deal for users! We are offering a 512MB RAM VPS for only 3.50 per month! But thats not all, If you act within the next two weeks, you can use the promotional code: WHTOFFER to receive an extra 15% off your service for the first two months!

    Node Details

    All of our Nodes are currently Located in a Pennsylvania Datacenter with an amazing 5ms from NYC.

    Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon L5420
    Raid 1 Storage
    Gigabit Connection with 5ms Ping to NYC!
    16GB or more of DDR3 SRAM


    512MB - 3.50/month
    • 20GB HDD Space
    • 200GB Data transfer
    • 512MB Guaranteed Ram
    • 1Gigabit Port
    • 1 Dedicated IPv4 Address
    • 1CPU Core

    1GB - 7.00/month
    • 50GB HDD Space
    • 500GB Data transfer
    • 1GB Guaranteed Ram
    • 1Gigabit Port
    • 1 Dedicated IPv4 Address
    • 1CPU Core

    2GB - 14.00/month
    • 100GB HDD Space
    • 1TB Data transfer
    • 2GB Guaranteed Ram
    • 1Gigabit Port
    • 2 Dedicated IPv4 Address
    • 2CPU Core

    4GB - 25.00/month
    • 200GB HDD Space
    • 2TB Data transfer
    • 4GB Guaranteed Ram
    • 1Gigabit Port
    • 3 Dedicated IPv4 Address
    • 2CPU Core

    **Additional IPs and Storage are available upon request. ($1.00/mo/IP)
    ***Additional bandwidth is available upon request. ($2.00/mo/TB)

    Check us out at our homepage:

    Regards, ShostE Team!
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