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    Expired Domain Drop Catching Software


    Do you want to catch quality expired domains? Everyday thousands of new domain names drop and become available for registration again. DesktopCatcher is a unique Windows-based application that will drop catch the domains that you want into any of eleven different registrars! It's unlike any other domain drop catching software on the market and currently runs on all newer Windows computers. This software comes stacked with features you won't find in any other domain drop catching script of software out there..

    THREE Drop Catching Options in One - DesktopCatcher actually contains three different methods for catching deleting domains. You have the ability to enable and run all three of these methods at the same time which will increase your odds of successfully drop catching more domains!
    Run on Schedule - You can choose to Start and Stop the software automaticaly by using the scheduler feature. This feature runs in a military time format to ensure the differences between AM and PM.
    Search Deleting Domains - You can easily pull and search (Via SnapNames feed) through daily lists of deleting domains. Quickly filter these lists by extension, length, keyword and numbers/dashes.
    Automatic Updates for Life - Our software comes with lifetime automatic updates. DesktopCatcher will automatically check for updates every time itís opened!
    Live Chat - Join the discussion by opening the Live Chat feature inside our software. The live chat is always open and youíre free to discuss anything domain related!
    One-by-One Feature - This option currently works with the ******** registrar. We'll arrange your list in the correct drop order and then check one domain at a time until it's dropped. Then, move onto the next. This lets the software focus solely on the first domain that's suppose to drop. Then, it moves to the next.

    What makes our software different from the others isn't only the fact that you receive free updates for life, but you also increase the odds of successfully catching more domains by enabling and running multiple registrars at the same time. Our blog also features a number of other great articles and tips about domain drop catching!

    The value of this software is $199.99, but for the month of January forum members can take advantage of a 50% discount by entering the coupon code: 2014

    If you're still a little unsure about this software then please visit the website and look around some more. You'll find screenshots, an FAQ and more detailed information. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns then feel free post here or send me a PM.

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    I recommend this software for those who like to catch a drop domain. It supports a lot of extensions & many registrars. For one-time investment in the software, you could save a lot of money rather than using third party drop catching service. With 2-3 success catch, you already break even. Beyond that, just imagine how much you can save.

    Been an active user for this software for more than 2 months, I am really happy about after sale support. The author willing to listen & improve the software base on user feedback.

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