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    My server not can work

    hello friends
    all friends

    i have a dedicated server but my server not working also i not receive anythings about attack or load also i not receive anythings email about system. also i sent CTRL + ALT + Delete for reboot my server but server not working. it's downed

    please help me

    my dedicated server at

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    What was's reply to your email, phone call, or support ticket?

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    i not sent ticket

    please check

    it's working ?

    my friend said working but i don't on my computer not works!

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    Your server is not down.

    Why did you purchase unmanaged server if you do not know what you are doing with your server?
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    Server is up from here. What are you seeing that indicates it is down?

    Please include a traceroute from your location to the IP of your server. Most likely you are having local or ISP based connectivity issues and that is why you cannot access the server.

    You can find a guide to run a traceroute at

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    Thanks for your response my friend i fixed. it my ip was blocked in firewall i found it and remove thanks for you. i means my server is downed but not down cause i not receive email in firewall about blocked. later i fix firewall

    thanks for yours response

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