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    Hosting advise needed

    Hi everyone!

    First time here. Hope for some assistance. Thanks to everyone in advance!

    And yes, best wishes for the 2014!!!

    So, will soon move to Russia. Currently in UK and run my own store on Amazon.
    Already chatted to Amazon, but they say that I shall need close my current store and open it from Russian IP and run it from Russia. Obviously I shall need to perform all sending and invoice generation from Russian address.
    Quite an inconvenient situation as I have a small business registered in UK and a person managing all order dispatch activities. He, however, is quite far from understanding all Amazon stuff...

    So, my question is: Please advise how can I set up a VPS or a dedi with UK IP address, which I can use to access Amazon. Obviously I need it to be as transparent as possible, so Amazon thinks I am really accessing my account from UK.

    Also, please let me know what particularities I shall need to know or face so I can describe everything to the person that will be setting everything up for me.

    I need a quite fast service, so Will be looking for a server with 1-2 Gig RAM. OS doesn't really matter as long as I can run a web browser there.

    Also, please advise on how much it might cost per month. I am hoping to pay up to 20 GBP for server and IP.

    I appreciate any help given and thank you in advance!


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    I sounds like you actually only need a VPN, not a VPS server.
    With a VPN service, you only install a small client on your computer, and when you turn it on, your IP will change to etc a UK IP, and whenever site you access, think you are in the UK.

    You can buy a small VPS and use OpenVPN thats free, but I would recommend you to use a commercial VPN provider (I'm using, they are much faster, and have hundreds of servers to choose from, and thousands of IPs. With your own VPS you only get one IP.
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    I agree. Try to get yourelf a smaller VPS just to setup a VPN, or go with a VPN provider. You really don't need the entire online web browsing experience for what you're trying to accomplish.

    Good luck on your ventures! - Reliable Shared, Reseller, and KVM VPS Hosting Services.
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    I f you need a VPS for setting VPN then DotVPS, minivps & httpzoom are some of the cheapest providers in UK.

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