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    GigeNET Cloud 20 percent off , 50TB Free Bandwidth

    After many months of perfecting version 2 of our TurboIO San Platform Los Angeles is now available again for new VM Deployments!

    We are extending our promo in light of this great news and will be offering 20 Percent OFF or 50TB of bandwidth transfer free on all new monthly cloud servers. This is for new customers only and requires the promo code listed below.

    20 Percent off all new VMs

    - The offer expires in 7 days and is limited to 2 uses per new customer
    - Use the following coupon code to take advantage of this offer
    - Click here to signup
    Coupon Code: WHT20

    50TB free bandwidth transfer on all new VMs

    - The offer expires in 7 days and is limited to 2 uses per new customer
    - Use the following coupon code to take advantage of this offer
    - Click here to signup
    Coupon Code: 50TBFREE

    What is TurboIO?

    TurboIO is our new storage technology we have spent the last 12 months working on. It blows away all of our old SANs in performance and reliability. Best of all, there is no extra charge to be on it!

    How do I get my cloud server on the TurboIO SAN Platform?

    Simply create your VM in the Chicago location; all new Cloud Machines created in Chicago will be on the new storage platform. LA will be brought online soon. Doing an OS reload will not load you up on the new SAN platform, it has to be a completely new Cloud Machine.

    What is the advantages of the new SAN Platform?

    This new platform is a truly scalable platform with disk space, spindles, and performance. We can scale this cluster to over a petabyte, while increasing the performance as we go.

    How much faster is the new SAN versus your OLD?

    Significantly faster, the platform currently has bursting capabilities over 100k IOPS on a single cluster.

    What about reliability?

    The new SAN platform is using a much more reliable High-Availability and fail-over system. We can lose an entire disk shelf (disk shelf contains around 45 disk drives) in a single volume group and the system will not even hesitate to keep processing your data.

    The system is 100% redundant from the network to the HBA Controllers to the control units.

    We have done extensive testing from unplugging disk shelves, to individual HBAs, to pulling power on control units and switching off switches and we have not skipped a bit yet.

    How are you able to burst to such high IOPS?

    With a combination of different technologies like making sure we use high speed SAS drives, SSD Caching technology and spreading load accross as many disk spindles as possible we have been able to do some pretty amazing stuff, combining it with some amazing software and we have our new platform.

    Many cloud providers use SATA drives for their systems. There is a huge difference in reliability, SAS by far has a much higher life expectancy and is built for enterprise use in large SAN environments like ours.

    We also use the fastest SSDs currently sold, they are not like regular SSDs, they are actually DDR3 based, so the SSD is as fast as volatile memory (RAM).

    With using intelligence to move the most frequently requested data (hotspots) between physical drives and RAM SSD Drives this allows a significant boost in IOPS while keeping overhead as low as possible so we can pass on to you the savings and give you the performance benefit.

    Are you charging extra for this?

    No, unlike other hosting companies we are not going to charge extra for accessing our high speed data sub-systems.

    If your not already a customer you can signup here:

    GigeNET Cloud uses the same network as GigeNET's Dedicated Server Network which is composed of over 8 Tier-1 Carriers and private peering arrangements.

    Also utilizing route optimization technology, our network has one of the best reputations in the industry for performance and reliability.


    - Level3
    - Telia
    - Internap
    - Nlayer
    - Global Crossing
    - PCCW
    - Comcast
    - Plus 100's of private peering arrangements through Equinix Exchange.

    Our cloud network is comprosed of 100% 10-Gigabit Ethernet to each node, storage and to the edge.

    Load Balancing

    We are going to be releasing an auto-provisioning cluster solution in the next several weeks. The solution will have many options one of them being load balancing. For now if anyone is interested, we can do a manual setup for you, for a small setup fee of $50.00 and the monthly cost of 2 VMs. Depending on traffic levels you should be able to use a VM with 512MB and minimal disk space. The reason for 2 VM's is for a heart-beat redundant setup, so if one load balancer for some reason goes down , the other will take over, if you do not need this option we can set it up wit one.

    We can load balance HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, mySQL and a few other things. The load balancer supports many different types of balancing like weight based, round-robin, server-load. It also supports persistence.

    Please open up a ticket if you would like us to set up a pair of lod-balancers up.

    The machines we load balance will need to be on a private-vlan and also have private network enabled. This is something we can do during setup though.

    Soon we will also be offering ANYCAST IP addresses in Chicago and LA. With an anycast IP address you can use the same IP in two different locations, and the user will be sent to the closest physical geographic location, you can then add a load balancer in each location for your webservers and you will have an extremely high performing and reliable cluster.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email sales [@] or please contact us via live chat on our website at or

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    20% Discount is applicable lifetime of VM or for only for 1st Month/1st Purchase(whatever term)?

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