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    Root Level Technology Review

    This is my first review for any hosting company and I'll try to be as clear as possible.

    I purchased a VPS hosting through couple of years ago and they had a great service. I didn't have any complaints until Root Level Technology bought this company over. First incident occurred on Oct 2013 when I logged into my account and it displayed that I don't have service through them (it usually shows - 1). I called the Tech Support but no response. I created a support ticket and got the response after 3 days that they are looking into it. We were going back and forth but they weren't able to locate my VPS in their system. Finally after 3 weeks, they said that my VPS has been somehow deleted. I called the Tech Support again and the VP of the company picked up the phone (Really? VP is providing tech support?). Anyways, after talking to him, he said that they will try to restore it from the backup. After two days, they said that their backup is corrupted!! (GREAT). I had to rebuilt everything because I didn't have my backup (my mistake) and the VP agreed to give me 1 year of free service.

    Today, again, my VPS is gone and Tech Support cannot find my server. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a VPS solution to go with a different option as Root Level Technology seems to be creating a lot of issues.

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    RLT is by far the sloppiest host (tied with AltusHost) that I've ever seen.
    That includese Urpad, Semoweb, whatever else they own.
    Stuff like this is the norm with them, not the exception.
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    Would recommend StormOnDemand to you. Been using them for so many years, never a hickup.
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    Sounds like shocking service!

    They must have a lot to deal with though, with all the crappy providers they keep buying out!

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    I am also having problems with RLT (bought VPS at Semoweb), it also started when you were having problems, I think right after they have taken all these good companies.

    Lately my server was going offline for 1 minute ever 1-2 days, only 1 minute, so I decided to contact the host, looking if it could be an upstream problem.
    I went to semoweb, logged in to the client area and tried to contact support, but it doesn't take my email and clears the form, really?
    I just thought it was a lot of work for something like this.

    A month or two my server went offline, I was looking in the panel and it said that it was suspended.
    I have tried to contact semoweb, but the client panel wasn't working, so I had to do it via the sales tickets.
    After waiting for a long while and a few messages back and forth the server was back online.

    Checked the server panel, and it states that the server isn't online right now, while it is!

    Semoweb wasn't perfect, but it was much better than this.

    Right now my server is having a 64% packet loss, I am going to call and if it isn't resolved in a timely manner I will have search for a new cheap, and closer host A.S.A.P.
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