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    Mod_Security Rules against Wordpress hacks

    Could you advice some mod_security rules (or sources) to prevent hacking wordpress shells via theme upload. I am trying to keep the rules up to date but they come with other ways of hacking.

    Thank you.
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    You can get the free gotroot rules, check out

    They are updated regularly.

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    Is your wordpress updated ? Also it's a good idea to password protect the wp-admin directory . Gotroot (Atomicorp) rules are great and I've been using those for many years.

    Don't forget to harden your server from the core , when the core is not secured , web application firewalls and protections doesn't protect your server.
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    Besides 3rd party rules, WordPress allows you to disable the plugin and theme editor, and update/ installation too.
    You can also disable any upload via PHP if needed.
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    Atomicorp does not provide free/delayed set of rules any more.

    There are some new free rules from Comodo but not widely tested yet.

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    Add following code in wp-config.php
    /** Disable File Editing  */
    define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);
    /** Disable file modification including install and update of themes and plugins  */
    /** Ask for FTP details when uploading and installing themes and plugins  */
    define('FS_METHOD', 'ftpext');
    Now move wp-config.php file above public_html
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    Best way is to always secure your WordPress by using Better WP Security plugin. It would take only a couple of minutes for the entire process!

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    WordPress use technology atomicorp add ASL and rules ASL here steps

    1.- Install mod_security

    2.- install rules

    best regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDHP Security View Post
    WordPress use technology atomicorp add ASL and rules ASL here steps
    As stated above, ASL no longer distribute a free version of their rules.

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    Also fail2ban could be used, there is a config that tracks wordpress access in the log; when it picks up something suspect based on the settings, the offender is thrown into a jail.

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    Please go through the below link on how to effectively fight against brute force attacks on wordpress

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    Hello again, after nearly five months I come up with some information that how we dealed with this issue.

    *First we determined the old Wordpress installations and warned the users one by one.

    *Then we installed Configserver eXploit Scanner on all of our cPanel servers and scanned them. As we hoped CXS find all the malicious codes and cleaned them.

    *On third step we signed up to Atomicorp to get up-to-date mod_sec rules and we integrated it with ConfigServer ModSec plugin on every cPanel server.

    Now we are scanning every shared hosting account every night via ConfigServer CXS before the backup process. To sum up; these steps on above satisfied us and solved the problem. If you configure well your ConfigServer ModSec it catches nearly all harmful proccesses but I advice you to use CXS for deep investigation and detailed scans.

    If you have any addition or idea to this approach please clarify.
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