At SwedenDedicated we respect it's customers privacy, SwedenDedicated shall never give information about it's customers to law enforcement agencies until a Swedish court warrant has been given. Please note, we do not allow any services that are not allowed in Sweden, such as; but not limited to: child pornography, Ddos attacks, malware/spyware, spam.

These servers are hosted at our site in Bahnhof / Pionen. Also known as the James Bond datacenter. A former nuclear bunker 30 meters under the surface. Featuring diesel backup generators and automated fire extinguishers.

All Dedicated Servers features the following

  • Servers are located in Sweden - Stockholm.
  • KVM-IP with remote reboot
  • 1000Mbit uplink
  • Root Access
  • All Operating Systems are possible.
  • Free reinstalls
  • 24/7 best effort support
  • Direct connections to major European cities: Stockholm, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and more.

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Don't hesitate to contact us: sales @ swedendedicated com

Dedicated server

  • Intel Dual core 1.66 Ghz
  • 2048MB Memory
  • 250GB Hard disk
  • 10TB monthly traffic
  • 1000Mbit uplink
  • 1 ipv4
  • Monthly 60
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  • Intel Core quadcore i3 540 3.06 Ghz
  • 4GB Memory
  • 500gb
  • 10TB monthly traffic
  • 1000Mbit uplink
  • 1 ipv4
  • Monthly 90
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Payment Information

  • We accept paypal and wired transfers.

Datacenter - Location

Datacenter: Bahnhof (pionen, white mountain)
Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm

Network - Uplinks/Transits

  • Network: AS42708
  • Transits: STHIX, SOL-IX, NetNod, Stockholm NIX, AMS-IX, LINX, FreeBIX, COPHIX, Equinix Paris, FixoCogent, Telia, Cogent
  • Over 300 Gbps capacity and growing!

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