Servers today need to be properly setup and managed on an on-going basis. Not everyone has the necessary expertise to do the job on their own. That is where Pathfinder IT Services comes in. We offer several services to either aide you in managing your environment or to manage it with you.

System Administration for just $57/month
  • System Management: We provide full, proactive support for your servers, running various flavors of Linux and UNIX. Upgrades, backups, restores, install SSL Certificates...just about anything you need done our team will handle it for you.

  • System Applications/Services: Servers don't just have an Operating System. They run applications (Databases, DNS, PHP, Web Servers, etc) as well. If anything goes down, we will be there to bring it back up, ensuring they are available to you and your customers.

  • Server Migrations: If you have a new server and want a web site and/or application moved to the new server, we can work with you to plan and execute a server migration, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

  • Software Installation: Sometimes you need a special application / utility installed to support your business. If you need something installed, just reach out to us and we will take the necessary steps to install the software / utility you request.

  • Control Panels: If you are running one of the control panels available today to ease Web Hosting management (cPanel, Webmin/VirtualMin, etc), we can take control of that environment and support it for you.

  • Unlimited Tickets: We do not track the number of tickets you open and then start charging you extra when you go over an arbitrarily low number. Contact us when you need to, without worrying about a support limit.

New Server Setup for just $97/one-time
  • Operating Systems: We will take the base OS installed by your server provider, apply the latest available updates, update kernel and file system parameters for performance and security, as well as install other utilities needed to service your customer.

  • Security: While no server is impenetrable, we will apply settings to your system, making it much more secure than it is "out of the box". We will also install/configure a firewall to further protect your server.

  • Software Installation: You have a brand new server, but it needs applications running to be of any use to you. We will install the applications you request, making them ready for you and your clients to utilize. We will do all of the hard work for you.

  • Performance Monitoring: You want to make sure the system is up, and so do we. We will configure local monitoring to track system performance. We will also install a 3rd party monitoring agent if you have monitoring service (we recommend our Monitoring Service).

  • Control Panels: If you are running one of the control panels available today to ease Web Hosting management (cPanel, Webmin/VirtualMin, etc), we will install (if necessary) and configure the control panel environment, making it ready and available for you.

  • Documentation: A new server is great, but not so much if you don't know what was done or how to connect to it. We will document what was performed to setup your server, providing you with the necessary details.

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Pathfinder IT Services can also provide
  • Redundant Cloud Servers and Cloud-based Shared Web Hosting. For more information, please visit

  • Additional managed services (Monitoring and Online Backups) for your servers, no matter who you obtain your server from. For more information, please visit