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    Which filehosts to choose for uploading big games

    hello WHT members, i wanted some tips regarding filehosts, when there was megaupload and filesonic things, i used to remote upload games and made a website but my bad luck that they went down and everything was lost. Well i know no one can guarantee nowadays which hosting company would long last but people wont stop downloading and uploading.

    So basically i bought a site and an rdp with 200gb space, i just need some tips which filehosts should i choose to upload, for generating some good revenue and as well to attract visitors,
    As im using rdp, any good filehost would work. (i just started using rdp for the first time in my life, so any tip regarding rdp would be nice)

    And just so to remind i am only thinking of uploading xbox and ps games, no pc or movies or anything else. So the files sizes would be average near 7gb.
    Thanks alot for any comment regarding the help. Much Appreciated.

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    I guess it depends what you're okay with. You'll probably have to split the .rar or .zip file in to multiple parts. I like Zippyshare because you don't have to sign-up or wait to download, but I'm not sure of all their regs as far as concurrent downloads or downloading more than one file per hour.

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    Would these be xbox and ps games you have authority to distribute? For free? Seems kinda unlikely and I don't think you'll get a lot of people here helping you break the law.
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    Most of us live by a decent set of morals, so you should check elsewhere for answers to questions like these. WJunction still has a lot of you there. So best to start your quest on a site like that.
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