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    Unhappy Namevault Registrar/Host unreachable - Please help!

    Hey guys

    I recently bought hosting account with namevault, but since then they have been unreachable and I have problems with their hosting account. I find it apalling that an ICAN approved registrar cannot be reached and all their support email boxes are full and bouncing.

    Does anyone here have a way of contacting them. It will be a great help!

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    I think their ICANN status was revoked in Jan 2013. (One year ago.)

    Not good.
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    They have a same phone number for Sales, tech and billing support ((800) 882-9010), plus their site is awful... Doesn't look good.

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    Yes guys, pretty bad!
    I wish I could reach someone there. Dang it.

    The following emails dont work
    [email protected]
    I had a good rapport with one Melanie veenbaas([email protected]) when I dealt with them in 2012. But even she is unreachable now.

    They keep sending me newsletter emails from [email protected] but they apparently dont read emails coming to that mail-box I guess.


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