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    Account suspended as my domain is blacklisted

    Hello experts,
    I am in trouble, I am hosting a buddypress based social network (with fewer users) on unmanaged VPS and suddenly I get mail from support team that my site is abusing resources, they claim it uses 4 times the allocated resources. They gave me warning twice and I never understood whats happening, until they suspended my server.
    I have no idea when my site is blacklisted and checking it on mxtoolbox indeed suggest my site as spam.

    So, what is the remedy and how to tackle spam, could you please help me because my site is offline from hours and I have no idea how to get it back. I raised a ticket with the support team but they will first ask me to clear the mess.
    How to get my domain de-register from spam list. I am really noivice here.

    Please help .

    Note : I was using open source ZPanel and Wordpress/Buddypress combination
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    Well the main thing is your not on the main ones: Spamhaus ZEN. Maybe ask for a backup and move because they ovs overreacted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CW Mike View Post
    Well the main thing is your not on the main ones: Spamhaus ZEN. Maybe ask for a backup and move because they ovs overreacted.
    Thanks for your prompt reply, but how I even got so many spams? And how to avoid it in future, is it related to software I chosen or something else ?

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    As your host, its only logical that they should help with such things. Their Support Team should give you clear explanation where exactly the issue is located, what causes it (if it was connected with a new content you added), and of course - pointers on how you can clear it.

    Now if they respond very slow and don't provide much help, outside of "you can upgrade to a Dedicated Server", then I would have to go with Mike and advise you to prepare a backup and start looking around for options. where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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    Your VPS was hacked and used for spam.
    Honestly, it sounds like you should be using semi-dedicated hosting, NOT a VPS.
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    Such issues occur mostly when your website scripts have security holes OR your account/admin password of the domain is weak. The hackers could easily upload malicious files in your website and use them to send spam emails. Download your website files and scan them once OR look for files that were recently uploaded/updated.

    You stated you have a Wordpress site, so you should mostly check the plugins/themes you have installed before the problem started. There are many free plugins available on the net which comes with malicious files included in them.
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    I had the same thing happen several times. I would load a memory use plugin to show you what is using resources. I had spikes in ajax with WPsymposium but the same deal as Buddypress. Huge spikes with it as well as with plugin called wordfence.

    I could not minimize calls for use with ajax so went to a vps. This did the same thing, rug pulled out by hosting without warning so i then got a dedicated server and no one can now touch me. $150 a month and I now think it is worth it.

    Gary C

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