Dedicated Server Indonesia is one of the services we offer RSSWEBHOSTING specifically for those who want a server that is already connected to the internet and stored in one of the best Indonesian datacenter without having to invest the procurement server and perform server hardware maintenance because everything would be our responsibility , so you can focus on developing your applications and business.

Processor : Intel® Core™2 Quad-core processor Q 8400 2.66Ghz
RAM : 4 GB DDR Memory
Hardisk: 1x250 GB
IP Address: 2 IP
Port Speed: 100 Mbps

1 month $100
3 month $260
6 month $450
12 month $825

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i3-2100 (2 Available) - Processor : Core i3 -2100 (2 core)
RAM : 8 GB DDR3 Memory
Hardisk: 1x500 GB
IP Address: 2 IP

1 Month $140

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Active Dedicated Server in 36 Hours - 72 Hours on Weekend or Holiday in progress setup dedicated server

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