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    Looking for hosting companies for sale

    I am looking for hosting companies for sale. Must be profitable and able to show with audited financials. Must make at least 20k minimum per year net. Please reply to this post and I will contact you via e-mail or PM.

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    We are an Indian company, into various Businesses, besides Web Hosting.

    We started as a Web Hosting company way back in 1997, but have moved on into various other Businesses, and Web Hosting is no longer our focus Business.

    At a time, we were a name in the Web Hosting Business, not only in India, but even worldwide.

    We are wanting to sell our Web Hosting Clients, to some running Web Hosting Company, since we as mentioned above Web Hosting is no longer our Focus Business.

    As of date, we are Hosting about 200 Domains on 4 Rented Servers.

    More details can be provided to interested parties.


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    Re: indianweb


    I am interested. Please contact me at shawn.dandridge [at] Or you can add me on Skype at shawn.dandridge so we can talk.


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