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    Email Spam, How to counter it

    Hi guys,

    Recently we have had a few accounts sending out email spam. I have the settings i am aware of set low to try and prevent this but still i find the accounts sending loads of emails.

    Is there some scripts or something i am missing in order to prevent this as we are becoming in danger of being blocked by other email providers.

    I currently have maximum hourly domains set to 100
    Failure percent rate set to 20


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    Is this for shared hosting? or vps, dedicated ? ~ It's not just a job It's a passion
    "Mistakes are proof that you are trying"

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    Spit-balling here:

    Is there any pattern like the same users and a using php? If so could you locate those users and limit the number of php-processes they can spawn.

    In cpanel, I can configure individual user account limits for mail I believe so that may be worth a look.

    Also are these people connecting through a port like smtp 25 or something to send the spam. If so, maybe moving mail to another port as well as enabling smtp restriction (cpanel).

    If you have already done all of those or they dont apply, post back so we can come up with a few more.

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