I would like introduce our new hosting company where we provide Dedicated Servers, VPS and Shell accounts for Bitcoins,
If you interested please check our offer on http://dafthost.com/

Dedicated Servers :

- Bitcoin Payment !
- Free IP KVM for any server (ilo2, ilom or drac)
remote monitor, mouse,virtual drive, restarts, etc
- You can install any operation system
- We do not interfere which operating system you are installing
- No Limit Bandwidth
- Many servers to choose (HP,Dell,IBM, Sun SPARC)
- Extra email account

Basic plan 100 $


- Bitcoin Payment !
- Virtualization method Vmware Esxi !
- Total root privilege
- Full management via VMware vSphere Client.
- Freedom to install any operation system and software configure your account the way you want it.
- Extra email account

Basic plan 40 $

Shell Account :

- Bitcoin Payment !
- Web Hosting
- Domain free hosting
- You can run IRC servers, IRC Bots, Bouncers, etc
- Python, Perl, PHP, Java, C, C++, Tcl, Erlang, Ruby, Rubygems, Ruby on Rails, Mono, Lua, Node.js, Zope, Pylons, Django, Catalyst, Apache maven, rhodecode
- No transfer limit
- Private IP
- Extra email account

Basic plan 10 $

All servers is located in Poland and we guarantee complete anonymity

Best Regards.