Swiftway is looking to actively invest in Internet related companies and start-ups and build long-term relationships with the current managers and owners of these companies.
Swiftway is systematically building relationships with high quality vendors, giving us access to preferred deals that will be beneficial to the companies we work with. Swiftway employs a large team of Internet industry professionals, therefore we can provide adequate human resources to your company.
We invite both startups as well as established companies to respond.

The type of Content companies we are interested to invest in:

- Web TV / Web radio stations
- Imageshare sites
- Fileshare sites
- Video stream sites
- Content sites based on an Unique idea

The type of Service company we are willing to invest in:

- Voip service providers
- Gameserver providers (GSP)
- Webhosting providers
- VPS and Cloud providers
- Offsite backup providers
- Access providers
- Unique ideas.

We prefer to play an active part of the development of the company we invest in, therefore we look to contribute:

- Hardware resources
- Bandwidth
- Services like CDN, Storage, Cloud and dedicated servers
- Human resources (ie: System managers, Network managers, Programmers, Billing staff, Support).
- Startup Capital, Expansion Capital
- Consultancy
- Management
- Training and Coaching
- Project Management
- Business intelligence

When evaluating individual investment opportunities, we focus on these criteria:

- Management team and organization
- Vendor sourcing and selection
- Investment performance
- Value-add capabilities
- Investment of current management or startup.
- Well written and researched business plan

We are willing to sign an NDA. We can provide a ready made NDA on request.
Please send your remarks, questions, business plans or NDA requests to our Vice president of Strategy & Development Email: akkermansr (@) swiftway.co.uk
Please do not respond without being able to submit a business plan or a business overview, we require more details from you then just a good idea.