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    Integrate SMS API with WHMCS

    I want integrate SMS API with WHMCS. I have http API and I want integrate this API to send bulk SMS to all WHMCS client.
    Please help me to configure this API with WHMCS.

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    Are you looking to pay somebody to do it or what ? If so then you are posting in the wrong forum.

    If not, then I doubt anybody will help you integrate it for you.
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    we using API with our WHMCS section but to receive alert, do you want to send out bulk email to your customers from admin area ? it may be need some programming and maybe impossible. You should run another script that connect to your WHMCS database and send SMS to all members, however you should check:
    if it is a mobile number
    if it entered correctly
    if it entered in correct international format
    what members do you want to receive SMS and more

    this need custom programming and it maybe not free.

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