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    Get started in Web Design & Programming industry

    I think it is time to start learning how to design and program websites.

    The best I have ever done is using MS Word to create HTML pages and then host them online.

    My target is to learn HTML, PHP, MySQL, JQuery.

    How shall I start? Can anyone recommend me please?

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    First of all wish you a very good luck for your new start.
    Its never late to start something new. To learn programming I would like to suggest you, take some basic tutorials from

    Also have a look at site here you will designs of every type. From here you gain more ideas to build site and implement them. Its more easy to download tempalte, understand coding and do some reaserch.

    I wish you a very best luck for your new start. If you need any further assistane dont forget to ask me.


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    I know it's a cute site, and it's geared towards kids, but has very good information for someone just starting out. It was created for kids, so it's very easy to understand.

    After that is a good place to move on to.

    Another great way to learn is just to view the source of sites you like and see how they work (not steal it, just see what's going on in there).

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    The most inportant thing is to start doing. Experiment a lot. There's a ton of resources in the web, and Google is your friend.

    I think I've seen Treehouse recommended a lot. O'Reilly, Sitepoint, and Smashing Magazine have good books on many topics.

    When you get to coding with PHP and MySQL, try to learn the security practises.

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    Congratulations on considering development as an addition to your career. It is indeed never too late to learn something new.

    Please note that MySql was deprecated and you should learn MySqli instead, preferably the OOP (object oriented programming) format. Make sure that you are aware of mysql vulnerabilities because it is easily possible to write secure code.

    A few functions that I recommend you to learn:

    PHP Code:
    explode(); // Awesome for "slicing" text
    implode(); // Awesome for combining text

    $value $nimber 'Value is higher than number' 'Value is not higher than number'// Not exactly a function but pretty useful to do more with less 
    Learn OOP as soon as possible because it is extremely helpful. Once you are experienced enough you should consider using a PHP and a UI framework as well (or develop your own).

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    Sounds like a good plan. People have already recommended some valuable resources.
    I might recommend you to download a local server - such as Xampp or Wamp to experiment with your design and coding.

    Best of luck!

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    Depends on what you want to develop using those skills. What type of website will you be designing once you learn various programming skills?

    I ask because some programming languages are better for back-end processing (like PHP/database stuff), javascript is useful for more on-page (non-refreshing) interactions.

    I'd say your target order is what you should learn in that order.
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    Glad to hear you want to expand your knowledge. It's good to see people interested in this type of stuff and good to see how motivated and hard they are willing to try to take on a new lessons and to learn new things .

    W3schools is a wonderful site for all languages after your done with them you may want to check out php academy from YouTube then php

    These languages you want to learn are very powerful and good in their own ways. Best of luck taking on this assignment you got for yourself hope you learn the best and do good.

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